A Poseidon-Perfect Vacation

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With a storied history as a pirate republic to accompany the pristine palm-lined beaches and cool blue waters, Nassau has long been the stuff of saltwater-logged legends. But, in the last century, it’s especially risen beyond the traditional trappings of a Bahamian island to the upper echelons of experience—adventure, discovery and breezy relaxation flourish all around Nassau like tropical fish amongst a coral reef.

This wealth of potential puts the island at the pinnacle of vacation possibility: a portal for landlubbers to dive deep into the rewarding life-aquatic. For an idea of what makes Nassau a beach vacation Poseidon himself would approve of, check out a few places of interest below.

things to do in nassau


If an isle is going to claim to be the peak of the ocean’s allure, it should boast the legendary kingdom of Atlantis or run the risk of sinking into the shame of hubris. Luckily, Nassau’s Atlantis stands tall, cementing its claim to the paradise-vacation throne. Spanning 154 acres of Bahamian beachfront, a day here is certain to have it all: Dropped-jaws at the floor-to-ceiling aquariums teeming with the curious creatures of the ocean. Screams of joy from plummeting down waterslides and through rolling rapids. Satisfied taste buds from a myriad of refined dining venues, as well as indulging some smaller vices with boutique shopping and a grand casino. Of course, if the only wish you desire is a quiet spot of beach to claim as your own for a day, Atlantis provides that as well.

things to do in nassau

Balmoral Island

A private-island offshoot of Nassau, Balmoral Island is a tropical Eden seemingly conjured from the dictionary definition of an oasis. A visit here finds you without want, vacation-wise: Margaritas, daiquiris and Pina Coladas flow like waterfalls at the multiple bars. Innertubes and pool-noodles lay waiting to be enjoyed, like a coconut freshly fallen from a tree. Snorkel gear and kayaks are yours for the asking, but both those options place second in terms of exciting aquatic adventures: swimming with the stingrays and dolphins should be your top priority upon arrival at Balmoral’s shores.

things to do in nassau

The Deep Blue Sea

What would a beach vacation be without savoring some of the deep blue sea? Nassau’s surrounding waters are a playground for aquatic adventures and an utter treasure trove for memories to keep. Above water, you’ll find deep sea fishing to be bountiful with massive wahoo, tuna, mahi-mahi and sailfish all out in droves and snapping at your lure. Under the waves, snorkeling and scuba provide glimpses of vibrant reefs adorned with flittering and darting technicolor fish. Whichever way you come face-to-face with the scaled denizens of the deep, the urge to snap a picture is overwhelming—but the old fisherman’s tip is to not: no photographic proof allows you to guesstimate-up in later recollections.

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