A Day in the Life of the Perfect Summer Vacation

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You, the parent, have arrived at the end of May—and now have your work cut out for you planning the perfect summer vacation. Chances are high that your child is officially out of school for the summer, with mountains of free time on their hands. Many mountains. Days that stretch longer than you can think to fill with activities.

Somewhere in all that free time lies the defining moment of the summer: the day that they’ll treasure for the rest of their childhood, and well into adulthood. And that moment is your textbook quest as a parent: to transform some portion of this free time into an instance of wonder and personal growth, fanning their development with moments of family bonding that they’ll think back fondly on decades from now. Luckily, landing this modern-day Herculean feat is easier than you think. Forget summer camps, pry them away from the siren-song of screen time and do more than send them outside to play: treat the whole family to the best summer vacation ever. Not sure what that might look like? Take a gander at a typical day in the life of the perfect paradise getaway below.

perfect summer vacation


“Rise and shine” doesn’t have a set time here in paradise. Maybe you like to steal away before everyone else wakes to get your morning run in—either in the state-of-the-art fitness center or along the stunningly scenic beach. Or, maybe a vacation for you is a vacation away from routine as well—sleeping in well past the early hours of the morning to discover your kids have already ventured over to the Grand Buffet for breakfast. Whatever the case, after breakfast is the perfect time to regroup in the room, apply all the sunscreen the family may need before hitting the beach.

perfect summer vacation


As idyllic as a beach day may be during your perfect summer vacation, just seashells, sand castles and boogie boarding are not enough to qualify as “the best summer vacation” ever. As such, optimizing your day around your resort’s offerings is key. Pro tip: break up the beach time in bursts. A few hours in the surf and sand, then a quick venture over to the FlowRider™ Double Wave simulator® for everyone to try shredding waves in a safe and controlled setting. Plan some family races down the dueling water slides, or venture off the resort for the life-changing chance to swim with dolphins—free with the miracle of resort credit. From here, the possibilities are as endless as the beach is idyllic: lazy river, wave pool, oasis golf course, nap time for the young ones and spa treatments for you and your significant other are all possibilities to weigh, mix and then match. The beauty of a perfect day in paradise is it can be whatever you want.

perfect summer vacation


The options for the evening are no less immense just because the sun has started to set on paradise. Most modern resorts boast a smorgasbord of dining options to choose between—so whether you’re feeling Asian cuisine or your youngest won’t eat anything besides chicken tenders, the perfect meal is always possible within walking distance of your room. After dinner allows for every member of your family to find their own grand finale to the day. Split up the generations for you and your partner to enjoy the resort’s nightlife while the kids venture off to create high scores and memories in the arcade. Or, team up for family bowling night followed by a standing-ovation worthy show. Whichever path you choose, it’s the final component to a single day of the best summer vacation ever. Chances are high that the next day in paradise eclipses this one.

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