7 Reasons You’ll Love Antigua

How to Spend Your Day in Port

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Antigua is one of the most beautiful, energetic destinations in the West Indies. With plenty of breathtaking scenery and exciting diversions, you’ll never be bored during your Princess Cruises stop here.

Whether you want to spend your day creating great new swimsuit tan lines or delving in to the local culture, we’ve got you covered.

Seven highlights of Antigua to help you plan your day:

1. Hit the High Point

Shirley Heights, a restored gun battery and military lookout, offers one of the best views of the island, as well as the English and Falmouth Harbors. At just 490 feet, it’s a high point providing unobstructed 360 degree views, which are especially magnificent at sunset.

Those looking to work off a great breakfast can hike to the lookout point, but it’s also a quick car ride for everyone else. While there spend some time walking through history in the old military base to see the officers’ quarters, old military hospital and cemetery.

2. Relax on Pineapple Beach

Many of the beaches on Antigua are crowded, especially when cruise ships are near. So this is our little secret, by traveling a bit further from hotels and key destinations, Pineapple Beach can feel like your own private getaway. Located on the Atlantic side of the island, this beach offers pristine white sand and plenty of sun.

3. Cross Devil’s Bridge

Indian Town Point is a national park that’s home to over 36 species of birds, acacia trees and a wild landscape created by sea-water erosion. One of its most famous features is Devil’s Bridge, a natural arch of limestone created entirely by thousands of years being pounded by the sea. With care you can walk out on the bridge and enjoy the natural geysers and blowholes around the area.

The area is wonderful for an afternoon picnic, hiking down to the water or nearby snorkeling in Long Bay.

4. Eat Like a Local

The island of Antigua offers a varied, exotic cuisine that includes dishes from various Caribbean countries. A well-known option for local fare is Roti King, Hemingway’s Caribbean Cafe or the Copper and Lumber Restaurant. Roti is a flat round bread cooked on a griddle and served here with everything from conch to curry chicken.

The foodies among you, will enjoy a thoroughly unique dining experience at Shell’s Fish and Chips on the island’s west coast. Not only does this establishment serve an iconic British cuisine, but you’ll be dining aboard a 1959 double decker bus.

5. Mingle with the Fish

Antigua offers plenty of options for beach snorkeling enthusiasts, including Pineapple Beach, Long Bay, the Hawskill Beaches, Halfmoon Bay and Dickenson Bay. You can also book one of several snorkeling tours to take in some of the underwater scenery off-shore, where you’re more likely to see eagle rays, spotted file fish and blue tangs.

6. Go Deeper

The majority of Antigua is set on a shallow banks, making most dives shallow. However, you can certainly find some great diving on the south or west side of the island with the right company. Whether you go deep or shallow, you’ll see beautiful coral reefs, lobsters, sea sponges and reef sharks.

7. Hoist Your Sails

After a day aboard your large, high tech Princess Cruise ship, now you can get close to the water by hoping aboard a local yacht charter or inflatable reef rider! It’s one of the easiest ways to spend a day seeing all sides of the island and hop off in different points to enjoy the warm soothing waters, snorkel and dine on local fish.

One of the best parts of vacation is anticipating the fun you’ll have both onboard and onshore. Make the most of your vacation by planning ahead to ensure you get to see, do and eat everything you’d like.