5 Things to do in Costa Maya

Hidden Gems

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When you‘re looking for the best travel deals and cruises to Mexico, most people consider Cozumel or even Cancun. However, Mexico has a hidden gem known as Costa Maya situated just along the Yucatan Peninsula’s Caribbean coastline.

This cruisers paradise is approximately 100 miles south of Playa del Carmen and not too far from the Caribbean island of Belize. Besides being one of those awesome destinations that should be a part of your next cruise vacation, Costa Maya is chock- full of historic landmarks and exciting adventures for cruisers of all ages.

The great news is that Norwegian Cruises actually sails to Costa Maya after a stop in The Bahamas. With so much to offer to every visitor, it’s no surprise there are lots of fun things to do in Costa Maya.

Costa Maya is full of historic landmarks and exciting adventures for cruisers of all ages

# 1: Port Area in Costa Maya 

The fun begins right when you disembark with a huge entertainment complex that’s home to many shops where you can browse for souvenirs, unique jewelry and a few Mexican-inspired artisans.

After strolling through the shops of Costa Maya, you may work up an appetite. Nothings beats a delightful umbrella drink coupled with a local dish from one of the many restaurants in the area including an authentic Senor Frogs restaurant that has its very own swim-up pool.

# 2: Water Sports and more

The water based fun never ends in Costa Maya because there are so many different water sports available all the time, including two saltwater swimming pools a short walk from the dock. Or from the beach club, you can kayak, Jet Ski, enjoy some paddle boarding, snorkel or take a deep dive with glass-bottom boat tour.

3: A Diver’s Paradise

Costa Maya is one of the top diving and snorkeling regions in the world which is probably one of the many reasons Norwegian sails there.

Did you know that the second largest reef formation in the world is found in Costa Maya and is known as the 600-mile-long Mesoamerican Reef System? You’ll find a number of excursions that get you up close and personal to over 500 species of tropical fish and more than 60 species of coral including the structurally stunning Elkhorn and black corals. This underwater paradise is considered second only to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef so you can only imagine how fascinating it is.

4: Exploration of Chacchoben Mayan Ruins

When was the last time you found yourself deep in the Mexican jungle climbing an ancient pyramid that dates as far back as 350 AD?

This Costa Maya favorite takes you back in time to when Mayans were walking those same paths. Many know this landmark to be called “The place of red corn” because of the nearby village that shares the same name. Don’t be surprised if you come across a deer, armadillos or even a few spider monkeys.

5: Settle In for Authentic Mexican Food

Forget what you think you know about tacos and burritos because in Costa Maya, it’s time to go beyond our Americanized versions for Mexican cuisine.

From signature dishes to something you probably won’t know how to spell correctly, you can expect to savor some of the most authentically-prepared Mexican dishes in Costa Maya, like chicharrón en chile verde (pork slices in hot green sauce) or blue corn tortillas. And of course, a Costa Mayan dish is never complete without a sweet libation and a touch of tequila.

No matter what you have on the agenda, Costa Maya is sure to ignite your sense of adventure and leave you ready to see more of what Mexico has to offer.