4 Family Friendly International Travel Destinations

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You’re life used to be filled with tons of travel and the itch has returned to see more of this amazing world…just one minor details: kids.

Many people believe that kids or grandkids along for the trip, mean international destinations must be taken out of consideration. Luckily, we’ve got plenty of travelers who say that just isn’t true with amazing stories to prove them right.

In fact, here are four of our top international recommendations which you can enjoy on with Disney Cruise Line:

Scandinavian Capitals

If you’re looking for a walkable city chock full of great museums, colorful parks, boat rides and enticing food—all wrapped up in a gorgeous, fairy tale setting—look no further than Scandinavia’s four capitals: Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen and Helsinki.

The best way to experience them all in one unforgettable family adventure is through a Northern Europe cruise, which will involve not only onboard fun, but family-friendly excursions and meals. In Stockholm for example, you can visit the interactive Astrid Lindgren museum to explore exhibits from Pippi Longstocking, the Brothers Lionheart and others.

Barcelona, Spain

Often thought of for its spicy flamenco dancers and brilliant food, Barcelona has plenty to offer for a great family day in port during your Mediterranean cruise. Give everyone a view of the city on a quick open-top bus ride, then grab the funicular to the top of Tibidado Mountain. Not only will you enjoy stunning views, but you’ll find the Tibidabo Amusement park!

If you’re feeling a little more low-key, explore any of the beautifully landscaped parks and then dip in to the CosmoCaixa science museum to explore the 3D planetarium, living Amazon rainforest and all variety of fish, birds and insects.

Rome, Italy

You won’t have any trouble with picky eaters as you stroll the streets with wafting smells of pizza, pasta and gelato! With sites around every corner, it makes for an easy day of exploring and hands on learning. A walking tour provides easy opportunities to experience St Peter’s Basicla, the Colosseum and the Pantheon.

But if little feet begin to grow weary, perk them up with a stop at Gladiator School. A quick 2-hour lesson will get everyone in costume and having fun while learning about life in the ancient city, Roman weapons and more. Or perhaps you have a little chef on hand, who would enjoy a pizza making tour that involves grabbing fresh ingredients from the markets.

Quebec, Canada

If you opt to depart from New York for one of Disney’s Canada Cruises, you’ll enjoy seeing the rugged northwest coast line as you sail. Meals will include delectably fresh seafood and as always, a great mixture of fun and history when you stop.

Getting kids excited about history is easier to do when they can get hands on. Try walking on the walls of the Old City, which allow you to see things from a new perspective and lead you in to a stop of Old Quebec where you can see the Notre Dame cathedral.

If you’re looking for a full day of fun, head to Valcartier Vacation Village. The outdoor water park has over 35 slides, the indoor water park has a Bora Bora themed area perfect for relaxation and you can take your adventure seekers rafting or on an adventure through the treetops.

No matter where you stop with a Disney cruise, you’ll find plenty to share with every member of the family for an easy international getaway.

Experience more of the world, discover new places and create new memories with a cruise vacation.