24 Hours in Granada

Dining, Dancing and More

Making the Most of Every Moment

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The wonderful thing about Spain is that each region has its own distinct atmosphere.

A visit to Barcelona is nothing like a visit to Valencia, which, in turn, is far different from the city of Madrid. One of many reasons to enjoy a guided Globus vacation through the region, where knowledgeable guides can help you make the most of every moment.

Granada is one of the nation’s most distinctive locales, with the eye-catching mid-13th century Alhambra palace belying the youthful culture of this hip city. A lifetime wouldn’t be enough to take in all of this amazing city, but if a short stay must suffice, it’s important to experience as many sights, sounds, smells and tastes as possible. This is a place built for immersion, not a quick glance. Here’s how to spend 24 hours in Granada.

The Alhambra

Arabic-Influenced Mediterranean Cuisine

Each region of Spain has its own unique culinary style, but the cuisine in Granada is especially noteworthy. It’s impossible to deny the Arabic influence of the area’s food, which is laced with a variety of unique spices and aromas.

Enjoy cured jamon (ham) which you’ll see hanging in many store windows, drool over maritoñis a traditional sweet cake filled with pumpkin pie and embrace the home of tapas with your evening drinks.

Take time to appreciate the unique culture of this gorgeous city — it’s a true Spanish gem.

Wine Drinker’s Paradise

Granada is something of an oasis for wine enthusiasts—no 24 hours in Granada is complete without expanding your palate. Tasty wine varieties abound, with many locals choosing to drink Verdejo or Tempranillo.

Wine is generally consumed alongside tapas, although younger Spaniards enjoy taking part in botellón, a tradition that involves drinking with friends before hitting up the city’s hottest bars and nightclubs. Wine is by no means the only alcoholic beverage of choice in Granada; the city is also home to Cerveza Alhambra, which crafts one of Spain’s finest beers.

Streets of Granada

Museums and Streets: The Artwork of Granada

Located on the grounds of the mighty Alhambra (which is a work of art in and of itself), Granada’s Museum of Fine Arts features a variety of gorgeous religious images, which give visitors a true sense of the city’s unique history.

Although this museum is also home to Avante-Garde and Abstract sculptures, the true place to get a grasp of Granada’s vibrant visual art scene is the city’s side streets and alleys, which boast some of Europe’s most impressive street art.

El Niño de las Pinturas is by far the best known street artist in the area, with his murals lighting up otherwise drab buildings in the Realejo quarter. While most of these striking murals can be found on whitewashed residences, some are painted on the shutters of local stores, and, as such, are only visible at dawn, before these businesses open for the day.

Fiery Flamenco

Flamenco music is popular throughout Spain, but it’s especially influential in and around Granada. Many tourists purchase tickets for theater-based flamenco music and dance performances, but for a slightly grittier take on the style, visit one Taberna J&J, Cuevas los Tarantos or other local bars that host regular flamenco nights. The raw, powerful music featured at these performances is best complimented with a glass or two (or three!) of the region’s famed Tempranillo wine.

For a unique take on flamenco only found in Granada, be sure to hit up the Sacromonte district, where an oriental-inspired flamenco variation known as zambra is favored. This type of flamenco is typically performed in the Sacromonte caves, In addition to enjoying some of the area’s best music and dancing, Sacromonte visitors can also indulge in delicious cuisine, served right inside the caves.

From fine dining to street art and everything in between, Granada is the ultimate place to visit if you’re on the hunt for a trendy, yet relaxed destination for your next big adventure abroad. Take time during your 24 hours in Granada to appreciate the unique culture of this gorgeous city — it’s a true Spanish gem.